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CAMLOG has shown continuous growth and established itself as an outstanding provider of first-class dental implants. With above-average earnings in fiscal year 2016, CAMLOG enjoyed another record year, growing faster than the market. Approximately one in four implants inserted in Germany, for example, is supplied by CAMLOG. Well positioned with a clear strategy to develop more innovative implant systems and comprehensive implantological workflow solutions as well as pursuing its course of international expansion, CAMLOG is setting out its distinctive emphases at the International Dental Show (IDS) 2017.


With the aim of playing a leading role globally, CAMLOG is increasingly leveraging its synergies with parent company Henry Schein to provide integrated solutions outside its home market of Germany. In June 2016, CAMLOG and BioHorizons, another Henry Schein subsidiary, thus started an exclusive partnership for the distribution of CAMLOG products in North America. From the second quarter of this year, BioHorizons® products will be marketed exclusively by CAMLOG in the DACH region (Germany, Austria, Switzerland). Distribution in the core European markets such as Italy, France and Great Britain has also been strengthened. To gain additional market shares for CAMLOG, investments in rapidly expanding markets as well as in the overseas Henry Schein network are planned. International expansion is supported by a number of product training measures, in which the increased use of electronic media plays an important role. This will ensure that CAMLOG’s successful model in Germany is also implemented worldwide.


The importance of CAMLOG and the location of Germany was underlined with the groundbreaking ceremony for a 5,000-square-foot building in Wimsheim. The ultra-modern building offers CAMLOG the opportunity to expand further and provide an excellent customer service. With an in-house promotional program and various continuing education programs, CAMLOG is also investing significantly in its employees and thus in a prosperous future.


Successful and well positioned, at the International Dental Show 2017 CAMLOG is presenting numerous innovations that will pave the way to a successful future.



Digital workflow in the practice and laboratory with the 3Shape® TRIOS® system
With their respective digital platforms DEDICAM® and ConnectDental, CAMLOG and Henry Schein have established themselves as the leading suppliers of CAD/CAM prosthetics as well as the digitization of dental practices and dental laboratories. As an open comprehensive concept for digital solutions, ConnectDental supports dentists and laboratories in easily and safely entering or expanding in the world of digital dentistry and integrating digital technology into every step of the clinical workflow.


Both companies continue to expand their offerings and are combining the successful platforms DEDICAM® and ConnectDental for the German market. This allows them to meet the desires and needs of customers to offer custom-tailored solutions and complete concepts for digital workflow in the practice and the laboratory. A particular focus lies on innovative systems for digital intraoral impressions, such as the 3Shape® TRIOS® system, specifically in connection with DEDICAM®.


This in turn allows DEDICAM® and ConnectDental to combine their competencies for customers and offer integrated solutions and services throughout the digital workflow in Germany. The goal is to increase the efficiency of their shared customers from a corporate and dental perspective. Users are provided with support and advice in close cooperation with both the DEDICAM® product specialists and the ConnectDental team.


CAMLOG provides the expertise to expand the digital process chain in the field of oral implantology as well as in the network between surgeons, prosthodontists and dental technicians. The ConnectDental team is responsible for providing comprehensive consulting to identify the individually required tools and the extensive product portfolio – for example in the area of intra-oral scanners and further CAD/CAM solutions – while taking on their technical integration into the workflow as well as user training.



The CERALOG® ceramic implant system
The demand for aesthetic and particularly tissue-friendly implant restorations is showing steady growth. Sophisticated ceramic implant systems are one solution. As an innovative company, CAMLOG meets these requirements and is presenting the CERALOG® ceramic implant system at the IDS 2017.


CAMLOG has been working on ceramic implants for several years, and in the summer 2016 they acquired a majority stake in AXIS biodental SA, a Swiss pioneer in the production of zirconium dioxide implants.


The CERALOG® implant system includes two proven ceramic implants: the one-piece CERALOG® Monobloc implant and the CERALOG® Hexalobe implant, the first two-piece ceramic implant with reversibly screw-retained PEKK abutments. The Hexalobe connection design, which is suitable for ceramics, allows modern prosthetics solutions on a ceramic implant. The Hexalobe implant in its current configuration has been used successfully in clinical practice since 2013.



Individual one-piece zirconium-dioxide abutment for CERALOG®
A true innovation: As one of the first implant suppliers, CAMLOG will be offering a individual zirconium dioxide abutment for the two-piece CERALOG® Hexalobe implant. The machine-polished surface of the CAD/CAM-manufactured zirconium-dioxide abutment supports soft tissue deposition. To ensure optimal stability of the abutment and long-term preservation of crestal bone, the abutment is manufactured with an integrated platform switch.


The CERALOG® zirconium-dioxide abutment will be available from May 2017. CERALOG® has thus created a close interface with DEDICAM® and underlines its pioneering role.



Greater efficiency in the surgical workflow
The innovative packaging concept from CAMLOG is another IDS highlight. An ergonomic blister allows easy handling and safe transfer of the implant in the sterile area. The heart of the new packaging concept is the innovative implant holder. A click mechanism secures both the implant and the locking screw in the implant holder. The new insertion post has a narrow head diameter and is ideal for reduced interdental spaces. It can be picked up directly with a manual insertion device or angle piece and inserted accordingly.


The transition to the new packaging concept is gradual, initially with the CONELOG® implant system. Alongside the wide range of prosthetic options provided by the CAMLOG® and CONELOG® systems, the multi-optional COMFOUR™ abutment system, the precise guide system and the customized manufacturing services of DEDICAM®, CAMLOG offers a first-class overall product portfolio.


CAMLOG enters the market for biomaterials
With the aim of offering innovative and integrated solutions, it is just another logical step for CAMLOG to complement its range with renewable materials. With the distribution of the globally recognized BioHorizons® biomaterials Mem-Lok® RCM, Mem-Lok® Pliable, BioStrip & BioPlug, MinerOss® X, MinerOss® X collagen as well as MinerOss® XP, CAMLOG is focusing on the main segments of hard and soft tissue regeneration. The products are made from regenerative medical materials and are tailored to the specific indications of implantology dentists. Other innovative products are being developed with goal of supporting customers when it comes to giving their patients the best possible care.



iSy® internationally established as a concept brand
Since its launch in 2013, the iSy® implant system has put the efficiency of the surgical and prosthetic procedures at the center of its concept idea. By focusing on the essentials, iSy® stands for reducing complexity in the field of implant dentistry. And not only in Germany, where iSy® is manufactured to CAMLOG’s high quality standards, but now also in many countries worldwide. The iSy® implant system has established itself internationally as an independent concept brand and is becoming increasingly popular thanks to its efficiency-enhancing processes.


For CEREC® users, iSy® is presenting a new scan adapter at the IDS 2017 that is compatible with Sirona Scanbodies S and which streamlines processes even more. This makes it possible to manufacture a definitive restoration in a few, highly-efficient operations in just one day – without a model.



Towards a successful future
CAMLOG implant systems have already proven themselves millions of times, in part thanks to the very good price-performance ratio, which is one of the cornerstones of CAMLOG’s success. CAMLOG will continue to focus on offering products and services at fair prices and promoting more efficient overall solutions that enable more cost-effective implant restorations.


The achievements and results show that CAMLOG is keeping pace with the times as an innovative supplier of implantology solutions and is well positioned for the future. CAMLOG implant systems are coherently integrated into all common hardware and software systems, from 3D diagnostics and 3D planning through to CAD/CAM prosthetics. With its open interfaces, CAMLOG allows its customers to implement their workflow as they wish, regardless of the hardware and taking into account well-established partnerships. The possibilities in the field of digital workflow in particular are nevertheless far from exhausted. A number of new services will complement the DEDICAM® product range in the near future and honor CAMLOG’s claim to be a trendsetter.


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